Comments and Reviews of the 21st Century King James Version (KJ21)
Reviews of the 21st Century King James Version (KJ21) of the Holy Bible

Many people from various walks of life have praised the 21st Century King James Version (KJ21), and we believe it may be helpful to you to read some of their thoughts. Longer reviews of the KJ21 are accessible for viewing through the links below (reviews are arranged in alphabetical order by last name of the reviewer); more concise opinions on our Bible are expressed below the links. All reviews are presented verbatim, exactly as they appeared in their first publication, with the full permission of the authors.


  • Fr. Michael B. Davidson of the Church of the Holy Spirit in Fairhope, AL praises the 21st Century King James Version.
  • Brother Isaac (now Father Andrew) of St. Michael's Skete, Canones, NM, reviews the KJ21 in The Christian Activist.
  • Theodore P. Letis, Ph.D., Director of The Institute for Renaissance and Reformation Biblical Studies writes in support of this Bible.
  • Seth Williamson gives a positive review of the KJ21 in The Trinitarian.

Compact Commentary*
(Quotations are arranged alphabetically.)

"Genius, as they say, is often manifest in the ability to see the obvious. A small Bible publishing company in South Dakota has proved the point. They have updated the original 1611 King James Bible...this updating of one of our language's greatest and most basic classics is a Godsend for those who delight in and cherish the traditional devotional language of English- every instance this text is faithful to its English prototype. More than anything else, this Bible is utterly and completely devoid of the loose translation, tampering with the Word of God, and blatant politically- alterations of meaning in many modern translations of the Scriptures."
-- Brother Isaac (now Father Andrew), St. Michael's Skete (Orthodox), Canones, New Mexico, from a review published in Doxa and The Christian Activist.
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"Finally, and at long last, we have in understandable English the essence of the Byzantine/Majority Textform of the Bible with all the benefits of the magnificent work of the translators of the King James Version. The KJ21 Bible Publishers have done an outstanding service to the church of the 21st century."
-- Dr. Paul E. Bellino, Pastor, Atlanta's Church of All Nations, and Associate Professor of Bible Studies, Atlanta School of Biblical Studies

"I recommend this Bible to priests, to deacons, to all in the Charismatic Episcopal Church, to all who love the beauty of the King James Version, but who want an accurate update. The KJ21 Bible will be an answer to prayer and will definitely 'deliver your soul out of the pit' of literary mediocrity. It is the 'fountain pen' of Bible reading: unique, elegant, and trustworthy."
-- Fr. Michael B. Davidson, D. Min., Church of the Holy Spirit (Charismatic Episcopal Church), Fairhope, Alabama
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"Because of its readability and clarity, The 21st Century King James Version Bible is sure to be a plus for homeschoolers who want their children to read the King James Version."
-- Gayle Graham, M.Ed., Author, from review published in Homeschooling Today.

"This unique combination of innovative format, traditional Biblical language, and timeless Biblical truth makes the KJ21 unsurpassed among Bibles available today."
-- Home School Digest, review.

"One problem with using a new version in a lesson or in a sermon is that not all of those in the class or in the congregation have the new text. However, the KJV and the KJ21 can be used comfortably together. This writer...feels that this is a work that today's conservative Christians need."
-- Pastor Jim Lea, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Poplar Bluff, Missouri, from review published in the Missouri Missionary Baptist.

"The 21st Century King James Bible (KJ21) is completely trustworthy and should be encouraged for use by children, by adults, for devotional use and for serious biblical exposition. I can say this about no other contemporary edition. It receives my full endorsement."
-- Theodore P. Letis, Ph.D. (Edinburgh, Scotland), Author, Lecturer, Director- Institute for Renaissance and Reformation Biblical Studies
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"Pastors and Bible teachers will love the KJ21 because they will not have to take precious lesson or sermon time to explain passages that contain archaic wording. For those who struggle with the KJV yet find modern versions leaving them uninspired, The 21st Century King James Version is more that a Bible -- it is a solution!"
-- David Moe, Editor, from review published in The Northern Michigan Christian.

"Please let me applaud you in your marvelous work of updating the King James Bible. Your work and effort is certainly a masterpiece. Our prayer is for universal and widespread acceptance. I personally have been praying for someone to undertake exactly what you have done."
-- Dr. J. Michael Morris, Pastor, Assembly of God, Texas

"The effort to preserve the integrity of the language is commendable... For those who appreciate traditional expression of language in worship without struggling with long- terms, for those searching for visual ease of reading and for a truly useful Bible, this may be the answer."
-- Cheryll Peterman, from review published in the Saints Herald.

"If you love the King James version of the Bible as I do, and yet you realize there are a few places where it needs to be updated to be understandable today, you need to consider this Bible...only the absolutely needed updating...beautiful in appearance and well made."
-- Steve Rutledge, from review published in the Times Examiner, Greenville, SC.

"There is only one question to be asked about the KJ21 Bible: Why did it take someone so long to think of it?...The 21st Century King James Version makes the New King James Version or even the RSV, for example, look like radical facelifts by comparison."
-- Seth Williamson, from review published in The Trinitarian.
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"I have been using the NIV, but have not ever really felt comfortable with it. After using the 21st Century KJV Bible, I feel much more comfortable with the language and the translation."
-- The Right Reverend Douglas S. Woodall, Th.D., Bishop Suffragan, The Charismatic Episcopal Church, Jacksonville, Florida

*All of these endorsements are wholly spontaneous and unsolicited. We are grateful for the support of these and many others who have so eloquently and warmly expressed their appreciation for The 21st Century King James Version of the Holy Bible.

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